Hello to all,


The Staff team are truly amazing and we thank them wholly hearted for all their work during this time. We want to recognise Dr Clark and the team at the Health Centre and Pharmacy for keeping us going.


It’s still tough work and Tania and Richard with the help of the whole team at the home are working so hard to keep us safe, in line with advise, government guidelines and instructions. It’s a complete minefield and overwhelming but thank you for your continued support.


We know many of you are desperate to visit loved ones and with that in mind we are pleased to announce at this time we will soon be facilitating visits so you can all reconnect face to face from MONDAY 6th JULY, though with strict social distancing to continue to protect the residents both as an individual and the whole community that lives and works with us. We ask graciously that you please read all the below and follow the instructions both in booking and when onsite. It of course will be challenging for all but to ensure we keep the home safe we must insist on the measures we are outlining, be followed in full.


30 minute visits will take place in the gardens and we have marked out 2m allocated spaces, we have the specialist parasols for shade. We understand the government are reducing this for wider population, we believe it’s safer to remain at 2m for the residents. We must strictly maintain 30 minute maximum as we require time to support residents back into the home, help them wash their hands and sanitise, clean and sanitise the meeting spaces and bring the next people down for their visit allowing fairness to all. Unfortunately, this will only be available to residents’ friends and family that have not be told to isolate by the Doctors at this point.


Visiting Guidelines

1. Please call reception at the home on 01865 407343 to book a time slot. This will be for a maximum of 2 family members per resident. Bookings will be taken from Monday 29th June.


2. The time slots available will be booked on a first come first served basis.


3. Please provide a direct contact number at the time of booking so we can contact you should the weather not permit a visit.


4. Please arrive on time for your meeting as the times allocated are also to allow for residents to arrive and sanitisation of the area after each visitor for your protection


5. On arrival please park in the designated parking spaces to the rear left of the lower carpark.


6. Follow the bunting lined path to the garden patio area.


7. Please do not bring gifts or items to pass to residents in order to prevent cross contamination.


8. Once the visit has finished please follow social distancing from other family members visiting the home and return to your car via the designated route.


9. Please only come to visit once you have booked and it has been confirmed.


10. Staff members will be on hand to assist and support visits, not to police them, so we request that you refrain from any physical contact and respect the 2 metre distance.


11. The bistro, bar, and facilities will not be open and available to visitors. Please plan accordingly and bring your own, residents will have whatever they need.


Visiting days

Monday – Riverview1,

Tuesday – Clifton,

Wednesday – Willows,

Thursday – Riverview 2,

Friday – Dorchester.


There are no facilities for visits over the weekends at this time.


Thank you again for your assistance, understanding and patience at this time. Keep safe and SEE YOU SOON!



The Close Care Home, Abingdon Road, Burcot, Oxon, OX14 3DP 01865407343