We are proud to announce the official opening of the new Riverview Suites. The homes new refurbishment and design, harks back to the 1950s and 60s to create a retro inspired environment for the residents that live with Dementia and other neuro diversity conditions. Based on a complex study of our residents as well as academic papers, including learnings from the Walled Garden Study where it identifies the ideal reminisce ages of 18-40 Years old. This meant when it came time to redesign the service, we wanted to get away from the popular hotel style and create a retro home space, full of custom-made and designed furnishings and set amongst a specialist colour palette that subtly takes you back to mid-century Britain to make the space as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Our Prices

We have invested time working with industry experts to develop a new and detailed way of writing care plans that focus on an in-depth research consultation process with our residents and families.

Enhanced by our Values that lie at heart of the bespoke, specialist Care Program we will collaboratively develop.

Working collaboratively, we will shape an informed package and fee structure. Tailored in consideration of your personal needs and level of required care to ensure best possible quality of life.

We take a considered view to suitably place residents in the suite of the home that is best designed for independent requirements. Though we are understanding that this may change during your stay with us, and flexible in adapting bespoke packages to suit.

Trusted experience and valued relationships with our residents ensure we consciously and proactively monitor any change or developments in the level of care required.

We offer long-term, short stay, convalescent and respite care with prices starting from £1,500.

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