At The Close, comfort is essential, luxury is a way of life. Attention to detail for our residents’ needs is what defines us as an unrivalled, outstanding award-winning care home and centre of excellence.

Our weekly survey system ensures our residents have a voice; we empower and value the integral part the play in shaping their personal experience and positive quality of life at The Close.

Home from Home Ambience

Our home has been thoughtfully adapted to ensure our resident’s always feel at home in our home. Recent refurbishment was inspired by the respected opinions of our residents, who were given the opportunity to partake in the remodelling. From highlighting not only necessary adaptation requirements, but also contributing in the final selection of our design décor.

Bringing The Outside In

Our thoughtfully designed and beautifully decorated, state-of-the-art care home sits amongst four acres of scenic, landscaped grounds rolling down to the River Thames. Picturesque views of the beautiful British countryside can be enjoyed in a relaxed and calming ambience from our dayrooms or dining rooms, which lead to our outdoor terraces and impressively manicured gardens.

Dining In with a Difference

We apply the same key principles of comfort and luxury when it comes to dining. This is can be seen in our countless awards and nominations for our meals and dining experiences.

We take pride in the seasonally and regionally inspired dining menus curated by our fully qualified chefs. Each meal is freshly cooked daily, on-site using the best ingredients sourced from local suppliers.

Our truly unique, innovative approach ensures all of our residents benefit from a well-balanced, nutritional diet. One example being we have introduced ‘microwave’ meals for our dementia residents to ensure they have control over their choice of eating when it suits them personally, whatever time of day or night.

Our industry-leading specialist and creative catering team are highly experienced in adapting dishes to meet specific needs and dietary requirements. Our residents are highly experienced in their preferred dishes and home comforts!

We encourage our residents to partake in our ‘Takeaway Night’. Inspired by the excitement and luxury of a ‘takeaway’, the catering team developed a menu of different cuisines. These menus are delivered to residents to enable them the personal decision of their evening meal, which we see many residents indulging in ‘group’ choices and socialising together with their collectively chosen ‘takeaway’ – just as you would outside of our home!

We continuously encourage community interaction, and The Boat House Bistro and Lounge is a welcoming area designed to offer a central social space that can be enjoyed by residents and their visitors. The Bistro offers its own exclusive menu and sumptuous furnishings for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

The Riverside Room is our dedicated private dining space perfect for hosting family and friends, as you would in your own home. Our chefs can create menus to suit any occasion, from simple dishes to gourmet fine dining.

The ‘Den’ is a recent addition…

As part of this commitment, we also support our residents in their right to observe and maintain their faith and religious beliefs.
We organise for local clergy and faith based organisations from all religions to visit The Close and conduct religious services.

An Entertaining Environment

Outside of your personal sanctuary, our residents can enjoy a highly entertaining and interactive environment of daily events and activities.

Our specialist Life Skills Support Team curate a thoughtful activity program designed to encourage personal development, independence, and internal and external community interaction – but ultimately fun and excitement! Our thoughtful program of daily entertainment and an exciting calendar of events range from bingo, live performances to pool tournaments and our Gin Club!

The Screening Room boasts purpose built, state of the art equipment for best in show viewing of our regular movie programme – from timeless classics to modern day releases. Available for private hire to watch family favourites or reminisce over home videos.

Alternatively, our regularly updated Library provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in a modern novel or literature classic amongst the backdrop of a courtyard garden.

As part of our commitment to encourage inclusivity, independence and social interaction, we recognise the importance of our residents connecting with the wider community. We have invested in our own fleet of accessible vehicles and our residents can enjoy regular outings and trips, often tailored to the personal interests and social needs. From visits to garden centres to a local Crocodile Sanctuary, after all variety is the spice of life!

In-home Services for Selfcare

At The Close we inspire confidence, independence and dignity.
We recognise the importance of indulging in selfcare for wellbeing and positivity, and provide an array of amenities available for use at your leisure.

The Lily Room Spa is the ultimate indulgence. Our in-house therapist is fully qualified to provide comforting holistic massage and counselling. Elthams Hair Salon is our in-house professional salon offering treatments not only for our residents, but also visiting friends and family – ensuring everyone’s experience at The Close is enjoyable.

Our dedicated Concierge Team are always at your service to make your requests a reality, from restaurant reservations, shopping to travel and tickets.

Explore Our Suites

We offer an extensive choice of beautifully decorated, luxury accommodation, consciously designed to provide superior comfort and privacy. Each space is equipped with en-suite facilities, flat-screen televisions and easily accessible nurse call systems for peace of mind.