On 3rd June, residents and family members of The Close care home were encouraged to polish up their pearls and show off their sartorial style to honour of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a traditional street-party style event with an extraordinary modern twist.

Held amongst its landscaped gardens, guests at today’s exclusive event were treated to a lavish lunch with a coronation-conscious feast featuring familiar flavours, the Queen’s tea-time favourites and British classics.

Though, going one step further and taking the theme of ‘Queen’ to the next level, the highlight of today’s celebrations was the unique entertainment experience provided by glamorous drag queen, Vanity von Glow. Stepping away from the Soho scene for one day only, Glow entertained with humour and a carefully curated line-up of well-known, sing-along songs and favourites from across the eras – transporting residents through a musical journey to reignite fond memories and good-time giggles.

A new take on celebrating a Royal occasion for residents, and not a performance usually seen in care homes across the UK – but one that was curated to evoke the happiness and joy of yesteryear from a generation, some of whom remember The Queen’s coronation, but most whose heyday lies within the swinging Sixties and Seventies.

The Close is dedicated to inspiring individuality and encourage inclusivity amongst its residents, and with that comes commitment to listen and hear what the residents’ really want – and it’s not the time-honoured war time anthems of the beloved Vera Lynn most would expect!

Today’s event was a further expression by Sanjay Dhrona, MD of The Close and renowned industry speaker on diversity, equality, and inclusion, in his ambition to champion change within care homes and the way we perceive our elder generation. Through considerate planning with residents’ requirements at heart, along with the support of his dedicated staff and team, today’s right royal knees up at The Close would certainly rival the street parties across the country this weekend.

Sanjay commented: “Our residents have been there, done that and have some very fond memories of special occasions throughout their life, not just 70 years ago when the queen was crowned. They are much more invested in diversity and inclusion than often realised, and are remarkable people with exciting life stories. Sometimes doing the unexpected, lifts the lid on some beautiful adventures and life experiences and invites them the opportunity to reminisce and share!”

“So when it came time to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, we thought another type of queen was a great way to do something traditional but with a twist. From taking the time to listen, we know our residents were entertained throughout the years by the likes of Hinge and Bracket, Lily Savage, Dame Edna, and laughed along to Are You Being Served and Carry On camp humour. The generation we care for are looking for something fun, exciting and humorous, and after lockdown, today was the perfect way to add some pzazz, The Close Way.”

The Close resident, said of today’s celebration: “I have fond memories of the Coronation and can recall the joy of the whole nation at the time and how everyone came together. We huddled around a neighbour’s small black and white TV to watch it. We decorated the entire place with hand-made crepe paper flowers that were red, white and blue, made by myself, my friends and the landlady from my digs at the time.”

“I greatly admire Her Majesty The Queen. She has my utmost respect for the stressful and difficult work that she does, she comes up trumps. She masters all the challenges and is so regal. You can’t fault her! It’s been wonderful having the opportunity to commemorate her coronation with dear neighbours at The Close. The event was such fun, all the decorations, everyone dressed up and of course the singing to celebrate our loyal queen just reminded me of the same joy 70 years ago.”