Hello friends, family, and visitors,

We have received the updated advice from the government in relation to visiting in the care home and are pleased to announce visiting to the home is back.

The new format for visiting the home is as follows,

At this time we are able to facilitate safe visiting Monday to Friday – from 9am to 5pm. We are phasing the return to full 24/7/365 visits and will absolutely get there though are taking a risk managed and systematic phased return to ensure we do not end up in outbreak and have to close to visits again!

No bookings are required to visit, though as ever its worth calling ahead to make sure your loved one is expecting you and that the care team can make sure they are ready and comfortable to make the most of your visit.

You will not be required to take a covid test on arrival, but we respectfully request you do an LFD test before coming for the safety of the individual you are visiting and the home. Of course of are unwell in any way, we ask that you avoid coming in so as to limit the spread of any illness within the home.

You are still required to continue to always wear a face mask when visiting the home. Facemasks are readily available at reception for free should you have forgotten yours.

As part of the phased return visiting will be available in the boathouse lounge, reception lounge and upper lobby lounge. As ever we will continue to offer room visits for those that will be benefit from them as well as round the clock visits for those in special circumstances.

Other exciting news – the new design and development of the Riverview suites is coming along at pace and we are excited to share that with everyone as soon as its ready! The NEW and improved lift is fully installed and signed off also. So making huge steps forward!

Once again we thank everyone for the support you have and continue to give in keeping the home safe.

The Close Team