A little update…

While some of the internal areas of the home have been unavailable to visitors in line with government guidelines and safeguarding against covid-19 we have been very busy in the background. Not just caring for our guests trying to keep them as safe as possible but making drastic improvements and changes to the home itself.

The Riverview Suites new refurbishment and design, harks back to the 1950s and 60s to create a retro inspired environment for the residents that live with Dementia and other neuro diversity conditions. Based on a complex study of our residents as well as academic papers including learnings from the Walled Garden Study where it identifies the ideal reminisce ages of 18-40 Years old. This meant when it came time to redesign the service, we wanted to get away from the popular hotel style and create a retro home space, full of custom made and designed furnishings and a specialist colour palette that took you subtly to the mid-century Britain to make the space as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

To compliment this refurbishment, we have relaunched the Bistro, open Monday to Friday initially we want the Bistro to be going out without going out. The look, feel and everything about the Bistro is entirely different to the rest of the home itself. We will of course be keeping to the ethos of everything in the bistro being inclusive to all residents however we will be now charging via a contactless payment system for visitors purchasing items in this area. With a new separate menu item such as fresh jacket potatoes and paninis not to mention the amazing fresh barista coffee to drink in or take away rivalling any coffee shop Oxfordshire.

In line with the advice as of  1st of September visitors will be allowed back into the bistro area as well as visit residents in their bedrooms, we will obviously have to continue with some precautionary steps to keep our guests safe such as asking all visitors or family members to continue to wear face masks inside the home and avoid using the communal areas on the main service floor such as the hub and dining rooms on the suites, use hand sanitizer along with a temperature check before entering the wings. Visits are welcome across the ground floor and residents’ rooms.

Our awesome annual fete was also rescheduled from the Heatwave in August and is due to be held on 10th September this year and we look forward to seeing you all there in full force.

We are hosting a stakeholder meeting after the fete, this is another opportunity to have your say and share any thoughts that you may have with the management team. Of course, I know we are all around all the time though it’s an opportunity to have a formal feedback session. The stakeholders meeting will take place on the 10th of September at 16.30 in the boat house lounge.

All the best