Sanjay Dhrona our Managing Director has been interviewed by the caring time magazine on the subject of costs in the care sector, below is a copy of the published article or you can visit the site itself for further articles.

A survey of homes carried out by the Independent Care Group has found that 93% are having to cut back due to soaring costs, with some even reducing the quality and quantity of food for residents. Caring Times spoke to The Close Care Home managing director Sanjay Dhrona about how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting independent homes.

Sanjay Dhrona, Managing Director

The Close care Home

As an independent provider, the increased prices are a real concern we don’t have the purchasing and negotiating power of a large group, so are being creative to ensure we continue to deliver care ‘The Close Way’.

We care for up to 90 residents and are looking at ways consistently to minimise waste without cutting back on anything that would impact our residents’ quality of life in any way. Our team are dedicated and passionate about their residents and their creativity is inspirational. We listen to the residents, their stakeholders and will always try any idea to try any efficiency without losing any quality on the end product we deliver.

The Close Team are our ‘Close Family’ and everyone is as vested in making sure the home is as efficient as possible. Our housekeeping team suggested we put out rotary washing lines in our gardens over the summer to help dry our non-personal laundry items in the sunshine and avoid running our driers all day. This worked well and it was great to see the laundry team and residents interacting whilst they were hanging items out.

We have haggled with commercial waste removal suppliers, reviewed IT providers, and worked with a business energy solutions provider to help reduce costs whilst checking what tax breaks and R&D benefits we can leverage so that we can continue to provide the outstanding service we are known for without affecting our residents’ experience and our staff team working practices and environment.