Picture the scene – Around the house, I love to have the TV on in the background, and one day while doing some dull task, I overheard some American TV series staying “ Put in me in one of those fancy retirement communities with an omelette station”

I immediately thought about being on holiday where there’s always the live omelette station and the fun at breakfast in picking out the ingredients the anticipation of waiting for it to cook and the satisfaction at tucking in to something I had a hand in creating. I reflected on my own weekends, when the average bowl of cereal or yogurt and granola is cast aside for a more “special” breakfast. It made me think of how something as simple as a fresh omelette could entice me to have a better breakfast , setting me up for a great day and how we can use this feeling at The Close to support our residents in a more effective meal time.

I briefed the team in the vision and got to work planning a way to make this happen. The Close will have a live omelette station on weekends alongside our amazing breakfast selection. We procured a new kitchen trolley, an induction hob and set up a range of “mix ins”. Onions, peppers, ham, cheese, mushrooms…. The works. We asked our young and engage apprentice if they would like to be involved and they jumped at the chance!

Its simple, easy and effective and done with residents live to order, BEST PART is that can be done live by the bedside for those cared for in bed, so they too are able to be involved too! To aid choice we printed out all the options so residents can be supported where needed in making choices about what to add in, and its gone down a storm.

These aren’t ground breaking innovations but they remind me to out experiences that make us individuals are relatable in what we do and we should bring all our experiences to the amazing work we do in ASC.

What are you having in yours? Ham, cheese and pepper for me!