Inspired by a stay at Soho House, some years ago… where they have a service where they bring a fully fledged bar up to you bedroom door and mix you an aperitif as you get ready for evening. Its room service just elevated. Its sat and mulled in my head for a while and speaking with my amazingly talented facilities manager, we decided to make use of all the left over PPE pallets and an old standard three tier trolley creating this simple custom made mobile hydration station… as our gin club evolves and residents who loved the evening see changes in their mobility, we think this is great way to bring the cocktail experience to them, to their room and to their bedside. The trolley is designed with raised edge to stop bottles falling, a special ice bucket and room for all the glassware and accoutrements to make the experience special, especially by the bedside. so the question now… What you having?